Compliments and Comments From Our Elated Nail Fungus Patients

Efficient and Effective Therapy

"In a little less than one year's time, I have noticed remarkable improvement in the fungal infection in five of my toenails. I am really delighted with the outcome of your recommendations.  When I first began, I must admit, I was skeptical about anything really working. I used to work as a pharmacist. Frequently, I observed how frustrating, time-consuming, and often ineffective traditional fungal treatments were for most people. I truly believe that the laser component makes all the difference in the world in terms of creating an efficient and effective approach to eradicating this tenacious fungus.  I would definitely recommend laser therapy as a primary method of treatment and certainly at a minimum as an adjunct to any and all other approaches."*

- Raya Novak, Pharm.D.

Finally, A Treatment That Actually Works

"I had nail fungus for years and tried everything, pills, creams, even laser, elsewhere. I finally found Laser Treatment Specialists online. Their treatment was different — very comprehensive and potent. Within a few months, my nails cleared and have stayed clear over a year later."*

- Samuel L.

Highly Recommended

"As a health care professional with very high standards for the care I provide and receive, I found Daniel and his team to be very professional, courteous, and caring. Not only did I experience personal care, empowering education for self-care, and TLC, but they went out of their way to support my needs.  I have tried laser treatment at a different center, where the technician was not well trained, and I had zero results. I am experiencing positive results and highly recommend Laser Treatment Specialists."*

- Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, HTCP/I, Holistic Nurse, Boulder, CO

3 Years Later, Still Clear

"My podiatrist suggested laser treatment for my toenail fungus and referred me to Laser Treatment Specialists. Over 3 years later, my toenails look great and are still clear."*

- Joanne M. Vitanza, M.D.

Delightful Staff, Effective Treatment

"Before Laser Treatment Specialists, I tried oral and topical meds, as well as expensive laser treatments at another center, with little to no change. One year after my first treatment, my nail is 100% clear with no sign of relapse! Daniel and his staff are delightful. The treatments are cost effective and really work. I couldn't be more pleased."*

- Meghan E.

Unbeatable Rates and Results

"This nail fungus treatment works better than anything I've tried. Laser Treatment Specialists is different — they continued to treat my nails as they grew out, not partially like other treatments. I finally had clear nails within a few months! Results and rates are unbeatable."*

- George C.

Painless Treatments

"I was referred to Laser Treatment Specialists as they are known as being 'the best of the best.' Not only has my nail fungus disappeared in 3 painless treatments, but my appointments with Dan felt more like a visit with a friend than a medical appointment. Highly recommended; you won't be disappointed."*

- Annie Loftus

Professional and Knowledgeable Staff

"My doctor recommended oral medication that I refused. My experience with Laser Treatment Specialists has been pain free and successful. The staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and the office impeccably clean. Although I have a few more months of nail growth, I already see healthy nail."*

- K. Dontchos

No Sign of Returning Nail Fungus

"I came to Laser Treatment Specialists at the recommendation of my doctor, but I still had my doubts. After 3 treatments, that unsightly nail fungus has completely disappeared and shows no signs of returning. I'm definitely a believer!"*

- Vicky H.
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