Proven Outcomes in Nail Fungus Treatment

Proven Outcomes in Nail Fungus Treatment

Founded in 2010, Laser Treatment Specialists was the first to specialize in laser nail fungus treatments. Since inception, we have set the standard with over 7,000 treatments performed and counting.

We provide a superior, yet completely safe substitute for potentially ineffective or harmful prescription medications. We have successfully treated patients who have declined, are intolerant, or have failed prescribed regimens, as well as failures following inadequate laser procedures. There is simply no equivalent treatment available.

Take Advantage of Our Complimentary Consultation

Beginning with a comprehensive consultation or evaluation and nail or foot care guideline review, we will explain the process of eliminating mild to severe nail fungus and preventing reoccurrence. You will receive multiple treatments in affordable packages based only on the number of nails requiring treatment.
Nail Fungus Treatment

Our Innovative CoolTouch Laser

Our CoolTouch CT3 PLUS is a gold-standard skin laser. Nails are modified skin; therefore, the CoolTouch® is ideal for nail fungus treatment. Precisely delivered 1320nm laser energy is completely absorbed by water, killing embedded nail fungus without harming healthy tissue.

The CoolTouch is equipped with a thermal sensor to monitor treatment temperature, with variable spot size for uniform and precise treatment on all nail sizes and shapes. We can also use cryogenic cooling for added comfort and "thermal shock" effect.

Why Choose a Nail Fungus Treatment Specialist?

It is wise to seek a specialist for a specific condition. Our unique laser nail fungus treatment is performed daily, which translates into the most refined technique and depth of experience available. Our documented results are vastly superior to other treatments, including "laser nail treatments" offered within a broader list of services elsewhere.
Nail Fungus Treatment

Why Are Other Nail Fungus Treatments Rarely Successful?

Treatment failures are largely attributed to inadequate potency and insufficient duration of treatment. Commonly used 1064nm lasers are intended for either dentistry, vein reduction, tattoo removal ("Q-Switch"), or hair removal.

These lasers lack the heat levels, depth of penetration, and proper pulse width for optimal nail fungus treatment. 1064nm laser energy is also absorbed by skin pigment (melanin) and blood protein (hemoglobin) that has no proven effect on eliminating nail fungus.
Insufficient laser nail fungus treatments have recently flooded the market, characterized by few (or none) before & after photos, false assertions of a "single treatment cure," and the use of sub-standard equipment and techniques leading to failure or relapse.
Nail Fungus Treatment

Superior Outcomes and Value in Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Our positive results, substantiated by numerous photos and reviews, are the product of years of repetition and refinement. We only treat infected nails in precise intervals as healthy nail emerges, hence the best value in cost per treatment.

No other treatment is interchangeable or comparable to Laser Treatment Specialists for achieving and maintaining clear, healthy nails.
Fingernail Fungus Treatment

CoolTouch Nail Fungus Treatment Benefits

  • Quick, virtually painless procedures
  • Effective alternative to medications
  • Safe and proven technology
  • No downtime from regular activities
  • Affordable, tiered rates
  • No prescription or referral required
  • Health savings account (HSA) and medical flexible spending account (FSA) payments accepted for nail fungus treatments

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